Warm roof Installation


A warm roof is simply a roof with insulation that has been laid on top of the roofing deck, a vapour barrier always accompanies the insulation to prevent the moisture within a building penetrating the insulation

This means it completely eliminates the roof getting condensation problems in the future. It is a requirement of building control to have a warm roof installed wherever possible to the preferred depth of 120mm.

In some cases this simply isn’t possible and this will have to be reduced but this will lower the U value of a building.

Every flat roof we install will come with new insulation which will increase the

warm roof

roof height, this also means new fascias will need to be installed to accommodate the increase in height.


All building and roofing work will come with a minimum 10 year standard product, and workmanship guarantee.
Rubberbond EPDM carries a standard 20 year insurance backed warranty, and Sealoflex and FixR Rubberised roofing carry a standard 15 year warranty. Sample warranties will be sent out with all quotes