Flat Roofing


Have you been thinking of having a new flat roof?

The types of flat roofs we install are listed below:

  • RubberBond EPDM
  • Sealoflex Liquid Rubber
  • Fix R Liquid Rubber
  • Felt roofing(Torch on and Pour and roll)

Rubberbond EPDM, Sealoflex, and Fix R are all Single ply membranes roofing systems.

Single ply membrane technology has been around for over 50 years and they do carry a longer life expectancy than traditional felt roofs.

The performances of a single ply membrane is far superior to a felt roof but are more costly. On all new flat roofs where possible insulation will be added to create a warm roofing system. Up to 20% of heat can be lost through the roof so savings will be regained through a reduced heating bill.

We at JM Builders& Flat Roofing Contractors have the very latest single ply membranes available. A single ply membrane is a synthetic man made material that is laid on a layer of ply boarding; these systems are generally flexible and very resilient to UV rays, salt air, and ozone. Installed correctly one roof can serve a building a lifetime!

The reason we don’t install felt roofing systems is strictly down to reliability, it is commonly known felt roofing systems fail for various reasons. As technology has moved on newer more reliable systems are available on the market and have left felt in the past. Single ply membranes carry large warranties and have very long life spans ranging from 15 years.

Single ply membranes are also very environmentally friendly, and no naked flames are required during installation which reduces health and safety risks associated with felt applications. Warm roofs can also be installed giving an eco-friendly roof that can save up to 20% on energy loss. Below are the systems we use and are approved installers of:

Rubberbond EPDM

This system comes in 1.5meter wide and 3meter wide strips that are joined using a solvent welding technique which creates a continuous tough rubber sheet. The material is very durable flexible, and tough and is the first single ply system ever made. Its life span is in excess of 50 years and has been tried and tested in extreme climates e.g. Sahara, Alaska, and they still haven’t failed. Since then the systems have improved extending the life expectancy even more. Rubberbond EPDM is not affected by the ozone or UV rays, and carries BBA approval.


Sealoflex is a liquid plastic that is reinforced with a 1.5 meter wide fabric that creates its strength and flexibility. The system is applied in 2 stages; stage 1 is the waterproof coating that can be left unprotected for a maximum of 14 days without deteriorating .The second coat is the UV protecting coat that has a life expectancy of 15 or 20 years.

Selaoflex differs from other single ply membranes on the market because the top coat needs recoating just before the 15th or 20th year the warranty expires. The top coat can be recoated every 5 years indefinitely which will prolong its warranty indefinitely. Sealoflex has been tried and tested in many extreme climates which include the Sahara, California coast, and Alaska, and carries BBA approval.

Crystic Roofing GRP

Crystic roofing GRP fiberglass system is a very tough fibre glass system that is new to the roofing aspect, but a true veteran in its own rights. This system is supplied by Scott Bader who has a very strong reputation for building top quality fibre glass boats that have been around for over 60 years, and have transferred this technology to roofing systems. The Premier (20 year warranty) range has fire resistant properties. Both the premier range, and 10 year warranty range can be supplied in two shades of grey.

For areas encountering foot traffic there is an anti -slip coating available

This Grp single ply membrane is very tough and has extremely high impact resistancy. This system has been tested in a BBA approved climate simulation center, this simulation center speeds up the effects of climates, so new products can be warranted; it also carries a BBA approval.

If you know what your requirements are please tick below which system you’re interested in. If not please e-mail, or phone to discuss you requirements

We can supply prices for labour only, or materials and labour.


All building and roofing work will come with a minimum 10 year standard product, and workmanship guarantee.
Rubberbond EPDM carries a standard 20 year insurance backed warranty, and Sealoflex and FixR Rubberised roofing carry a standard 15 year warranty. Sample warranties will be sent out with all quotes